Quality Policy

We, at IADFAC Laboratories Private Limited, are committed to professional practice to ensure the reliability, reproducibility and traceability of analytical data of the samples analyzed by us. We resolve to achieve the highest degree of accuracy by commitment to comply with ISO / IEC 17025 and ISO 9000 by:

 Ensuring that all operations are carried out by trained personal.

 Striving for continual improvement in standards of analytical and other services being provided by us.

 Instilling integrity and sincerity amongst the staff.

Our Vision

View food safety as a prime health and therefore progress indicator; IADFAC seeks to emerge as the country’s premier food testing and research facility, thereby posturing India as an integral player in the global food safety ecosystem.

Our Mission

Establish premier technical competence through IADFAC; integrate high quality food testing and advisory services to benefit Indian industry and consumers.

Our History

The laboratory stemmed from a technical requirement that resonated across the food industry in the mid 2000. With the opening up of the Indian economy, industries were fast booming. Manufacturers, agriculturists, and food processors – many were born, while those who were already there only flourished to capture greater markets. Against this boom, also rose the revenue expectations from the food industry. Entrepreneurs now looked overseas, where a huge market potential lay untapped. However, despite rising aspirations and efforts, there were numerous teething problems for F & B businesses.

The primary shortcoming was the ‘quality’ aspect of produce / finished products. While production processes were found non-compliant with stringent norms, the main roadblock came with respect to analytical services. Undisputedly, there was a huge shortfall of support analytical services to compliment the food industry. Hence consignments were stuck; the Indian infrastructure services were found heavily lacking.

Against this promising environment of need and growth, was conceived IADFAC.

Board of Directors

Our Quality

IADFAC follows international quality systems. The laboratory incorporates a detailed Quality Policy . The Laboratory is also certified in conformance with ISO:IEC17025 by Nationa Accrediation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories ( NABL ) , and ISO 9000 system.

Puts to use internationally and nationally recommended methods (e.g. AOAC, APHA, BAM, IS etc.)

Conducts analysis only on validated methods

Uses certified and traceable reference material

Regularly calibrated equipment and devices

Participation in national and international proficiency studies on a regular basis

Employs trained technical staff from reputed institutes of excellence

Our Competencies

IADFAC has thrived on technical competence.

IADFAC laboratories has the following approvals & accreditations: FSSAI, NABL, BIS. Those pending include AGMARK, BIS, MoEF.

IADFAC serves every major food-manufacturing segment, including meat and poultry, dairy, confectionery and food service.

The lab conducts over 20,000 food tests each year, rendering it a pioneer food testing facility in the country.

IADFAC believes and stringently follows the culture of reliable testing. The virtues of the same include:

Experienced personnel backbone the lab – they make IADFAC a leading food testing centre of excellence

Quality systems across the laboratory reinforce consistent Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Strong technical management foresight coupled with a corporate acumen script the market focus of the lab

Internal and external proficiency and audit programmes enable personnel across hierarchies

Laboratory controls – process capabilities are verified day-to-day basis. Results are not released until checks are completed and approved

Rapid rechecking and verification of results ensures traceability.

Media quality control – all new batches must pass quality control tests.

Effective correction actions to non-conformances are initiated only to prove the lab’s commitment to complete the quality journey, as against a mere showcase of the same.


IADFAC is equipped with modern equipments in chemical as well as biological field. Instrumentation from Elisa Reader, HPLCs, GC, GCMS, AAS with GFA, IR equip the Chemical Section. A full fledged microbiology lab to handle the trickest of pathogens we have an array of Incubators, LAFs and Bio Safety Cabinets.

Our Team

The IADFAC work atmosphere echoes merit and competence; each staff member is sincere and committed, duly reflected in the analytical record of the laboratory.

Employs technical merit; believes in an ‘at-work’ selection module.

Rolls out systematic in-house training schedules that help sharing knowledge and building camaraderie amongst staff across the functional hierarchies.